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About us

Welcome to Bakkali - Your Culinary Journey Home!

Hey there! We're Bakkali, a bunch of food enthusiasts on a mission to bring back the flavours that make your taste buds dance - the ones you grew up with, the ones you love, and maybe, just maybe, the ones you've been desperately craving without even knowing it!

Our Story

Bakkali is a story that began with a craving, a longing for the taste of home.

It all started with my mum's soya meat curry, a childhood favourite back in sunny Sri Lanka, where I lived for 6 years.

Soya meat curry(Sri Lankan) | ISLAND SMILE

However, fast forward to life in the UK, and the weekly soya meat curry became a distant memory.😔

The only place to find the essential ingredients to make this curry was a 30-minute drive away.

And as distances grew, as I grew older, so did the craving. One day, I even found myself driving over an hour to the only shop that I knew had it, but unfortunately didn't have any in stock that day.

And that's when Bakkali was born – a solution to the miles between you and your favourite flavours.

Our Launch

In May 2023, Bakkali launched its delicious journey into the hearts and kitchens of food lovers across London. To our delight, we discovered we weren't the only ones facing this culinary conundrum. Turns out, there are many of us scattered across the UK, yearning for a taste of home!

Our Mission

We want to help all ethnic communities in the UK feel at home again, one meal at a time. Middle Eastern goodies are just the beginning – we're on a quest to bring the world's flavours to your doorstep.

We take our food seriously, but not ourselves. So expect a sprinkle of humour, a dash of casual charm, and a whole lot of love in everything we do!

So welcome to Bakkali, where the food is great and the joy of reconnecting with your culinary roots is priceless. Let us eat our way back to the good times! 🌶️🍲✨

Issam and Ishan